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Top dos and don’ts of social media for business

Your role as a PR pro is changing as social media becomes a growing part of your job. In fact, there’s a good chance social media will be one of your main areas of focus in the coming year. So this week, here are the top things you should and shouldn’t do when representing your personal brand or that of your clients on social media:

Do write a bio that’s social media and “real-person” friendly

This post outlines the top dos and don’ts of writing a business social media profile. Top points to remember include:

  • Keeping your bio short, while providing enough information so that people can easily tell what your or your client’s brand is all about.
  • Spicing up your social media bios using your mission statement, or brand mantra if you’re an independent consultant or developing a personal brand. You can use your mission statement in its entirety if you have room for it, or just highlight the main points. Either way, you’ll be giving people a clear idea of the core values of your or your client’s brand.
  • Don’t write like a salesperson. No matter what brand you’re representing, it’s important to write like a human. Social media users are savvy and will immediate identify and disregard profiles that are sales focused. Think like a journalist and be objective!
  • Don’t forget grammar and spelling. Have someone else read your profile before you post it.

Don’t take shortcuts on social media profiles

Social media etiquette is important and one online misstep can be costly. This post highlights 15 social media etiquette dos and don’ts, including a few really important ones regarding setting up your profile:

  • Always use a professional photo of yourself. When representing your personal brand, a photo of your dog just won’t cut it. And if you’re setting up a profile for a company, be sure to use a high-resolution, properly sized logo.
  • Take care when selecting a Twitter handle for yourself or your clients. Make sure it’s representative of your brand and is professional. Use the same handle for your Facebook page. Consistency on social media is key.
  • Make sure to fill out social media profiles completely. This is particularly important on LinkedIn and Facebook where people are able to get a more in-depth look at your brand.

For more on the dos and don’ts of social media for business, check out this infographic:
Do's and Don'ts of Social Media for Business

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